Fantasy Baseball Almanac and Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide


2019 Fantasy Baseball Almanac and Draft Guide

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We offer more than a book of recent updates and rankings.  The Fantasy Baseball Almanac and Draft Guide is a continuously-updated text that offers readers a unique blend of statistical analysis with old school scouting.  We put in a ridiculous amount of time compiling information from multiple sources (including our own) to give you that extra edge on draft day.

We know... we know... You're probably asking yourself "How is this any different than any of the other publications?"  The short answer is that we aren't selling you a book.  We are selling you a service.  The book is just the first part!

Within this text, not only will you find what we consider to be the best compilation of MLB information, but you will also find instructions on how to access year-long, personalized fantasy baseball advice.  Do you want to see how our rankings would change based on your league format?  We have you covered.  Do you want an opinion on how the call-up of an elite prospect will impact your fantasy team?  We got you dude (or dudette)!

Simply put, this isn't a book.  This is a season-long fantasy baseball service.  

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