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2018 Fantasy Football Almanac & Fantasy Football Draft Guide


The Smartest and Easiest to Use Fantasy Football Draft Guide


This is more than a Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide. The Functional Sportsaholic and Gold Standard Sports Forecasting have teamed up to provide the most intense and thorough research which combines next-gen analytics, statistical analysis, algorithmic forecasting and good old fashioned film analysis. We blend analytics and player scouting.

This Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet offers several exclusive tools in addition to fantasy player rankings. Our time-proven methodology analyzes each individual player's match up in every game this season in order to come up with the most accurate point projections today. Along with these match ups, we analyze the play calling of every NFL coaching staff to identify what opportunity each player will have. For example, much has been made of Tampa Bay drafting RB Ronald Jones II this past season. While he's very talented, the only way to know how many rushing attempts he'll have is to cross analyze Tampa Bay's schedule with Dirk Koetter's offensive scheme. 

This may sound a bit to "mathy". I've noticed that many analytical sports books are so proud of their equations that they continuously punch their readers in the face with them. This isn't math class. This isn't a dissertation. Fantasy football is first, and foremost, a hobby (or passion) for our readers. This is supposed to be FUN! The Functional Sportsaholic's 2018 Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide is an easy read. As you can see in our sample pages, the information is presented in a well-organized, easy to consume way.

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