...butt money...?

What Is Butt Money?

Simply put, "butt money" is making cash while you are sitting on your butt.  As a digital re-sell partner, we create the content, set up the store, set up a tracking code for your referrals and most importantly, write you a check!

Join The Functional Sportsaholic Cause

Join the Team


 As we continue to create digital media in support of The Functional Sportsaholic mission, we would love to publish submitted material for the NFL and NBA.  If you're interested, message us on Twitter or send us a mail via our Contact Page 

Partner With Us


As much as TFS would like to be experts in all things, we simply don't know your team or teams as well as the fans on the front lines.  We're happy to partner with blogs and push traffic.  Contact Us!

Resell: We'll Do (most of) The Work


Interested in a little side hustle?  We can submit a buy-button and unique promo code on your blog, facebook page, website, etc.  We will split all revenue on sales that used your promo code.  5 minutes of effort could make you thousands.  Contact Us!