The Underdog


The Underdog

Sean of The Functional Sportsaholic and Chris of The Underdog go back (as much as Sean hates to say it) 20 years.  Sean originally wrote Washington Redskins content for  

Today, Sean and Sam are proud members of The Underdog Sports Podcasting Network.  We encourage you to listen and subscribe to our show and the others on The Underdog.  

Gold Standard Sports Forecasting


Gold Standard

Sean also founded Gold Standard Sports Forecasting, which is built for Sports Gambling enthusiasts.  Now that this hobby is legal at the federal level, be sure to check out the proven returns in NBA and NFL against the spread betting.  Check out our historical results and financials tables to see how $250 can be turned into $6,000.  High rollers can also see how $1,000 can turn into $140,000.  

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