Top Sports Movies According to The Functional Sportsaholic

Episode 6 of The Functional Sportsaholic Podcast featured Sean and Sam's top-5 sports movies list.  From that list, we decided to create our top-5 sports movies of all time.

We should probably qualify that we were born in the 80s, so you're not going to see much released before 1990.  

..And we're also not movie critics.  We're talking about enjoyment.  Perhaps some "quality" stuff will overlap w/our tastes.  Perhaps not!  Think something is missing?  Hate something on the list?  Tweet us!

Any Given Sunday

From Sean.  If this scene doesn't give you chills, you're probably dead.

Summer Catch

Freddie Prinze jr was in a ridiculous amount of kick ass movies while Sam and I were growing up in the 407.  He's nostalgia to us the way the Rat Pack is for children of the 80s.  

I'm including the scene we talked about in the podcast.  This dude (Gabriel Mann) kills it.

More Summer Catch

As we say in the show, Jessica Biel has a wonderful personality.  She seems like a kind-hearted individual.  What kind of people would we be if we didn't celebrate it?  

He Got Game

Another selection from Sam.  Great scene.  Great movie.  

Varsity Blues

Hey, we're children of the 90s and early 00s.  Varsity Blues makes Sean's list, so deal with it.  Disagree?  Well... I DON'T WANT YOUR LIFE.

Above the Rim

From Sam's list.  Pure fire.


Rudy.. Rudy... Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

Sam added this can't miss hit to his list.  The scene where Rudy gets his acceptance letter tugs at Sam's heart strings every time.  

D2: The Mighty Ducks

The Pat Riley-esque Gordon Bombay was drinking that pee-wee hockey kool-aid and brought his talents to Huntington Beach.

I will say, this movie gave us the bash brothers and the knuckle puck, so that's why this gets HOF status over Sean's preferred original.  But hey, like Godfather 2, sometimes the sequel can challenge the brilliance of the original. 

Point Break

Sean says surfing qualifies as a sport in his book, so Point Break obviously makes the list.  Did Body make it out of the 100 year storm?  Sean thinks so!