Best Uniforms by The Functional Sportsaholic

From Episode 9 of The Functional Sportsaholic

In episode 9, Sean and Sam discuss their favorite uniforms of all time.  As you'll see from the list below, neither one of us could shake our boy-hood bias.  Where are the Celtics and Lakers iconic Green/Yellow jerseys?  What about the Yankees whose hat has stretched beyond sports and into pop culture?  And we also mention why the Dallas Star will never sniff this list.

Mexico Futbol (Soccer)

From Sean

Sean noticed the sweet red/green combo during this year's world cup and they immediately vaulted up his list.

1995 Orlando Magic - Black Pinstripe

From Sam

They days of Shaq, Penny and Lil'Penny is part gangster, part classic and part nostalgia.

The Note Dame Green Jersey - When It Still Meant Something

From Sean

There was a time when the Notre Dame green jerseys were feared.  They carried an aura of invincibility.  Now, they are treated like a basic alternate jersey.  Sad.

The Barkley-Era Suns Purple Jerseys

From Sam

Purple jerseys need love too.  This jersey is retro today, but was cutting-edge in the 90s.

The Cubs Pinstripes

From Sean

You can't go wrong with a classic pinstripe.  Sean gives no love to the Yankees after Jeffery Mayer and shitty umpiring drove Sean away from baseball and over to the NFL after the ALCS debacle.  20+ years later and the umpiring is still inconsistent.  Weak shit, MLB...  

But yeah, the Cubs jerseys are pretty sweet.